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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fun While It Lasted

Well, I had thoughts of making this blog into something. I was really kind of taken with the title more than anything else.

However, I'm suffering from Blog Burnout. Mostly, I don't have the time to really commit to it, or to fix the template over here.

So, that being said, I'm going back to being Partisan Pundit. That's how I cut my teeth in this blog world, and it's who I'm the most comfortable being.

I've also realized that I've had the wrong focus. I saw myself as something of a crusader, trying to change people's minds by showing them the truth, as well as I was able. But you know what I realized? A great many people aren't interested in the truth. Changing minds is difficult when emotion is so wrapped up in a worldview that reason can't penetrate the folds. I'm sure I suffer to some degree from this problem, but hey.

Any way. Blogging stopped being fun, so I've had to take a hard look at why, and the answer is this: because I was doing it wrong.

So, I'm going back to doing what I want to do. Posting what I want, not what I feel like I should. Some silly stuff, some serious. Some tongue in cheek, some scathing and intolerant. If you like it, read it. If you don't, read it anyway, and maybe a post a response. Or don't.

Anyway. I'll be posting exclusively back at http://partisan-pundit.blogspot.com from now on. I'll transfer over some of my better DigSauce posts from here, leave this up for a few weeks, then blast it.

That's it for now. See you back at the barn.