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Sunday, October 02, 2005

More clear evidence of Bush’s failed environmental policies

When will the madness end?

In his five short years as President, George Walker Bush has failed to address the cankerous, puss-filled sore that is global warming to such a willfully negligent degree that our planet is being ravaged by a spate of marauding cataclysms the likes of which we have not seen in recorded history!! He MUST be held accountable for his (in)actions! For example:

Flash Flooding in Kansas Strands Residents

A storm dumped up to a foot of rain over parts of northeast Kansas early Sunday, sparking flash flooding that left people stranded in their homes and cars,
emergency officials said.*

* By way of comparison: Belgium Flooding 1998
California floods (Uh, Clinton Presidency)

Two Farmers Buried by El Salvador Volcano

A volcano in western El Salvador erupted on Saturday, sending a column of ash 50,000 feet into the air and killing two farmers buried by chunks of earth and boiling water that tumbled down the slopes.

Oh, the inhumanity!!

Authorities ordered the evacuation of three communities in the shadow of the Ilamatepec volcano, which towers near Santa Ana, the country's second largest city, 40 miles from San Salvador, the capital.

Many wonder why FEMA didn’t do more to help.

* By way of comparison: Volcanoes
April 5, 1815 - Mount Tambora, Indonesia
Killed 92,000 and caused disastrous crop failures and summer snowfalls as far away as North America.
August 26, 1883 - Krakatoa, Indonesia; 36,500 killed
August 30, 1902 - Mount Pelee, Martinique; 29,000 killed
Nov. 13, 1985 - Nevada del Ruiz, Columbia; 23,000 killed
1792 - Unzen, Japan; 14,000 killed

Tropical Storm Stan Makes Landfall

This is the fourth-busiest Atlantic hurricane season since record-keeping started in 1851. The record for tropical storms in one year is 21, set in 1933.

Oops. Please ignore that last sentence.

Scores of Homes Saved From L.A. Wildfires

A break in dry, windy weather and a speedy, pinpoint response by thousands of firefighters combined to spare scores of homes that stood in the path of the flames, officials said.

The dry, desert winds that fanned the fire were pushed out Thursday by a stream of moist ocean air.

Damnit! Nature self-corrected. Please disregard as it does not support my thesis. Thank you.


“The 1999-2002 national drought was one of the three most extensive droughts in the last 40 years.”
“April through July of 1999 was the driest four-month stretch in 105 years of record-keeping in New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island.”

(This, after 8 years of William Jefferson Clinton’s “enlightenedapproach to environmentalism)

Otis Causes Mexico Floods

The outer bands of Hurricane Otis lashed the coast of western Mexico Saturday as the storm crawled toward the Baja California peninsula, forcing hundreds of families to evacuate their homes and flooding roads in this resort city.

Otis was the 15th Pacific storm of the season. Unlike powerful Atlantic storms such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Pacific hurricanes tend to do less damage because they make landfall less frequently.*

*By way of comparison:
Mexico flood victims mourn dead, plead for help, October 10, 1999

“Authorities around the country reported at least 300 people were killed and at least 200,000 were left homeless by flood waters that swept over nine of Mexico's 31 states. “

(Hello? Clinton Presidency again).

Okay, Bush only had about a year to make this happen, but STILL!!

28 Militants Killed in Iraq Offensive

Al Qaeda in Iraq and other groups in the Sunni-led insurgency have launched a wave of violence to wreck the vote, killing more than 200 people over the past week. So, uh, the BAD GUYS (that’s “insurgents” to you), killed 200 people (read: unarmed men, women, and children).

At least 28 militants were killed in fighting Sunday, Davis said, bringing the two-day toll among insurgents to 36. There have been no serious U.S. casualties in the operation, he said.

Elsewhere, Shiite militiamen freed the brother of Iraq's interior minister from kidnappers who snatched him from his car a day earlier...

Whoa. Sorry. Not sure how that one got in there. Haven’t you heard? It’s a QUAGMIRE! And we’re LOSING!!