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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Shut up and stay repressed. Or else!

Froggy Ruminations has a scathing yet insightful post about the institutional disdain show by the Left towards blacks and the poor; to include the way the media plays right into it. Here's a teaser:
Since these stories already fit nicely into the worldview and mindset of elite liberals and victim-identity hustlers, they are reported as a matter of fact without compunction or remorse. The theme that black people are incapable of acting humanely to each other under stressful conditions is not an actual news story, it is a script written long ago by patronizing liberals who sought to tame and care for these “unfortunate savages”. Treating blacks like animals in a Zoo is actually a perfect analogy to what liberal elites think of them. In a Zoo, animals are fed, housed, and protected from each other and more importantly the visitors, by benevolent zookeepers so that they can be observed and studied in an artificial habitat.
Definitely worth the time to read the whole thing.

H/T to Mudville Gazette for the link.