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Monday, September 26, 2005

Hamas Lied, People Died.

Schools close as rockets fly
Palestinian attacks show vulnerability of towns near Gaza
Responding to a barrage of Qassam rockets fired at his town, the mayor of a large Israeli Negev community yesterday closed all schools, highlighting growing concerns Jewish neighborhoods near the Gaza border are vulnerable to ongoing Palestinian attack.
And this comes as a surprise to whom? You mean, giving the Palestinians the Gaza strip like they wanted not only didn’t stop the rocket attacks, but actually increased their frequency? Hmm. Whoda’ thunk it?

During the Six-Day war in 1967, Israel defeated a coalition of Egypt, Jordan and Syria as they strove to strangle Israel, and in the process Israel captured the strategically vital areas the
Gaza Strip, the Sinai Peninsula, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. (Wikipedia)

WHY were these areas “strategically vital?” Because they had traditionally been staging areas for attacks against Israel by its many enemies. The area comprising the "Gaza Strip" was owned by Egypt, and was used as an avenue of attack during the Six-Day war. The Golan Heights has a commanding overview of Israel, and was used to
lauch artillery attacks deep into Israeli territory.

are many who would argue (and do) that modern methods of warfare, as well as the changing face of middle-eastern poltics nullifies some of the historical strategic imperitives of these regions:

The global and regional changes which have taken place over the past decade have significantly reduced the both the likelihood and the destructive potential of a broad land-based attack against Israel by an eastern Arab coalition. The potential magnitude of this threat has diminished because of the relative weakening of Syria, Iraq and Jordan. Syria and Jordan have both failed to locate funding for the revitalization of their armed forces, while Iraq's military force was severely damaged during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, and the sanctions in place since then have prevented it from rehabilitating and re-equipping its armed forces. It is fair to assume that Jordan and Syria will continue to suffer from weak economies, preventing them from growing in military strength on the basis of their own resources*
I beg to differ. Long-range bombardment can be used to attrit forces, break down an enemy’s will to fight, or strike specific strategically significant targets. However, no force or country can be considered “defeated” until a ground force moves in and takes the territory in hand.

We have seen in Iraq the consequences of failing to control your borders. Terrorist infiltrators can wreak havoc upon civilian populations. Kill one, another sneaks in to fill his or her place.
The Israeli’s wall proved to be an effective barrier against such incursions, reducing bus bombings and other suicide bomber attacks to almost zero. The very necessity of this wall lay in the close proximity of a group of people (the Palestinians) who have made no secret of the fact that they will accept nothing short of the complete destruction of Israel. In the words of a previous Hama leader,

"The main aim of the intifada [uprising] is the liberation of the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem, and nothing more. We haven't the force to liberate all our land," Mr Rantissi told the BBC in 2002. (My emphasis)
Read that again, “...liberate all our land.” This clearly includes a great deal more than "the West Bank, Gaza, and Jerusalem." It’s every square inch of dirt that Israel claims as its own.

By ceding the Gaza strip to the Palestinians, Israel has enabled them to
launch their attacks that much closer to the heart of the country and reach more communities (read: innocent victims) than they could before.

Areas such as the Golan Heights, Gaza Strip, and West Bank were seized by right of conquest against historical blood enemies, and they were captured for a very specific and logical reason; to control potential staging areas and avenues of approach in order to prevent further attacks.

Ceding these areas back to your sworn enemies in the name of capitulationst politics is just plain stupid. Stuck.On.Stupid.

And believing that the Palestinians will ever, ever, EVER really put down their arms? Well, that’s just plain ignorant.