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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Defending the Indefensible - Partial Birth Abortion

I was reading a legal brief dealing with partial birth abortion infanticide over at Patterico's blog, and was reminded that the description of one type of this procedure includes, "puncturing the cranium and evacuating the brain" in order to collapse the skull, thus facilitating "extraction" of the, uh, "fetus."

People can debate when life begin, is it the zygote, blastocyst, when the heart first starts beating, when there's a spine and nerves. Whatever. Debate all you want, but what I want to know is, in all the hulabaloo about when life begins, sentience, etc., how do get to "puncture the cranium and REMOVE.THE.BRAIN", and then continue to defend this procedure with a straight face?

"Brain," people. A beating heart, and an active brain.

Try this one on for size: "In the news today, reports are coming in from the Superdome in New Orleans in that a suspected psychopath is stabbing people in the skull and removing their brains." AAuughh! The horror!!

Maybe the Weekly World News: "Aliens Attack Nation's Children! Puncture skulls and suck out brains!" Run for your LIVES!!

Crazy, right? And yet this legal brief carries on in the driest, most dispassionate terms about which of these types of procedures is "safer."

How do you get up in front of a podium and, with your composure intact, carry on about how it's important to preserve PBI because it's a woman's "right"? Paying a "doctor" to perforate and deflate your unborn child's skull is a RIGHT?!

I'm sorry, but if you can't see how this is plainly the most inhumane form of butchery, then you are seriously Stuck on Stupid.