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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Decidedly NOT Stuck on Stupid

Jeff Harrell over at Shape of Days has a bullseye, right-on-the-mark article about negotiation versus capitulation with terrorists.

The annoyance of misinterpretation

The “let’s beat them by negotiating with them” school of thought can be thoroughly and definitely disarmed by reducing the question to a simple analogy. If I blew up a federal reserve bank because I wanted the government to spend more money on public schools, would you expect Congress to send a delegation to my house to hear me out?
Let’s try an even simpler one: If your two-year-old son murdered the family cat because he wanted a new Playstation, would the correct response be to drive immediately to the Toys ’R’ Us?
The solution to terrorism is not for us to negotiate with them. It’s for them to put down their weapons, turn away from violence as a political tactic, and negotiate with us.
Either that, or we can kill them all. Whichever comes first!

Stating the obvious like its cool.